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moncler coats for cheap The problem exists on all sides, from trolls to radical left, to far right, to even mainstream media that selectively tells “narratives” instead of the facts of circumstances.More fundamentally is the problem of human nature and our tendency towards ingroup/outgroup tribalist psychology, and our hypocritical rationalization of “us” doing anything necessary to stop “them”, while criticizing “them” for doing the same thing to “us”.More fundamentally is the problem of human nature and our tendency towards ingroup/outgroup tribalist psychologyThis is only a problem if the group/tribe is evil rather than good. Good and superior people should never doubt themselves or listen to the pleas and appeals to good faith from cheap moncler evil or unintelligent people.hypocritical rationalization of “us” doing anything necessary to stop “them”, while criticizing “them” for doing the same thing to “us”.It is impossible to be alive without being a hypocrite the only way to win is to use your vaunted principles to limit your opponent rather than limit yourself. There is some segment of the population that has been lost to the Alex Jones types of the world and they can be brought back.It like looking at Trump approval rating. moncler coats for cheap

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cheap moncler jackets Georgia health officials say it’s the largest cluster of opioid overdoses in state history, CBS News’ correspondent Mark Strassmann reports.Officials said Tuesday that they were awaiting tests to confirm the cause of the deaths and overdoses. But local officials said several people told doctors and nurses that they became ill after swallowing yellow pills purchased on the street.”This is something we have been fearing would happen over a period of time,” said Dr. Patrick O’Neal, director of health protection for the state Department of Public Health cheap moncler jackets.